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Best Premium Adult Membership Sites Offering Porn In High Definition

ThirdMovies - Is a quality DVD website with high definition porn inside and is the official website of 3rd Defree Films. They offer a lot of formats such as MP4 with huge bitrate and 1920x1080 screen resolution, thats one of the best formats to watch videos. The smallest format of older videos is 1280x720. But in most of the times the quality is sharp, and one small negative thing is the colors – simtimes they do not look natural, but this applies only to older dvds. Online watching of the fresh videos is offered in flash formats and also WMV. Now about download options, these include multiple quality MP4 formats and also lower quality for WMV, DivX and iPad, older dvds, I mean couple years old have only these formats available. The final word is that it is really hard to complain about what they offer for the price and is a really good website.

VideosZ - Is old dvd downloads website that really meets the expectations then talking about the amount of movies and how often it’s being updated with new titles, modern navigation tools let you find the wanted movie from dvd archive very easy. Recently the site was redesigned and its done well. They moved to high definition videos about a year ago and all new updated are in HD, that’s the reason why we list this site here. We were using this site in the past and continue to use it as they improve their service. They offer a mix of content, a lot of dvds are exclusive but also there a plenty of non-exclusive titles, the main negative thing is that their old content is in mix with fresh ones, by entering the site you can instantly browse their archive by movie titles, actors and studios so you can know what they have inside before you sign up. In conclusion VideosZ is a great site done well and has a huge archive of downloadable dvds to offer.

ZTod - Site name says it all - zero tolerance, and truly matches with the services they offer as thei aim to the best quality possible. The high definition videos looks really fantastic as expected. They are big and updates are working like a clock, but price tag is a little high, sitting at $29.95 a month. One small bad thing to tell you about is the download speed, I don’t know maybe its up to location but they have an issue with that, at least they had while we were checking the site. But I was promised that it will be improved soon so this issue shouldn’t be a problem. But the main thing that the quality is the best I have seen and if you are a true fan of quality I would recommend this website without any doubt.

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Here you get a chance to download free clips and premium offers of leading porn studios online - browse our category pages for downloads, best hardcore videos rated by fans are offered on the premium membership sites we list. All websites we recommend are leader in HD adult films as they were first to start producing porn in high definition format and they started to offer memberships to download all the favorite movies online, and finally we can say that they are exclusive home of the best adult movies that was ever filmed! Here is the best rated movies of the month, of course this is a short clip but don't get sad, you can download full movies in the members area.

Genres of Free Downloadable Clips

Meaning of "HD": these two letters means "High Definition" and to describe it in couple words it means that it has a lot of video pixels, most of the times it's 1920x1080 in the screen and that makes the video look crystal clear and everything from the smallest scratch is clearly visible. The main difference from the regular videos you see is the quality, and ir our modern world it just kind of stupid to watch old technology videos, lets say regular movies? Would you enjoy watching them in blurry screen and don't see all the details, I bet you would say hell no - I want best quality service available. Today all the new TVs support this technology and most of the computer screens too, including laptops. So why watch low quality porn if you can enjoy crystal clear videos in the highest bitrate? Well if you are cheap and don't want to pay for the quality then fine, you can land on any tube as there are thousands of them and watch crappy high-def videos, but if you respect yourself - pay a small fee and enjoy what today’s technology has to offer. I couldn’t refuse to say a word about tubes and whenever why pay for porn if it's free on tubes? Again quality is the key and just think about it, tubes expect that while you watch the movies they will make money by offering cams or dating memberships, but the main problem that most of the videos on tubes are stolen and actors and producing companies are not getting any cent, so the future is clear is things will go to the same direction - nobody will produce and film new movies. I'm happy that there are still few companies who film and release new videos every week and the technology is high-end as they are using latest technology for their movies and they even have a department responsible that videos wouldn't be leaked to tubes and if it happens they request that the video would be removed. By doing that they are trying to protect themselves from the theft, of course you think that on these tubes videos are the same resolution and quality as you would see inside the member’s area(you can check out free HD previews), but believe me - it's not true. If tubes would allow to watch HD videos for free they would be out of business in no time as the cost of servers would go sky high. For the final word I would just say that even if you are still look skeptical to all this, just try to purchase a couple days trial, it costs only couple bucks and see the real HD porn!

We are proud that we can offer pretty nice chunk of high resolution videos for you, and all is FREE! It is all thanks to premier websites who offer huge collections and gave us the samples to show them for you.

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